Along the Shoreline – Barbie videos

Episode 1: The Guy with the Long Hair

Episode 2: A New Friendship

Episdose 3: Someone Doesn’t Like Fabio

Episode 4: El Felipe

Episode 5: A New Beginning

Episode 6: The Pelican Beach Hotel

Episode 7: Storm at Sea

Episode 8: Two Very Different Guys

Episode 9: Shipwreck

Episode 10: Discovery in a Cave

Episode 11: A Mystery Half-Solved

Episode 12: It Had Been a Mistake

Episode 13: An Inconvenient Time for Love

Episode 14: Plans and Preparations

Episode 15: A Concert on a Friday

Episode 16: The Fishing Community is Discovered

Episode 17: A Sad Past

Episode 18: Out of Place

Episode 19: Back Together

Episode 20: Graduation Day

Episode 20: Graduation Day

Episode 21: Farewell

Along the Shoreline – Season 2

Along the Shoreline – Season 3

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