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Monster High – Ghost Ship

The ghouls are helping Vandala Doubloons (Monster High Haunted) to hide a treasure. They go to Gloom Beach, but they encounter some pirates that steal the treasure and capture them. Spectra and Vandala now have to rescue them.

Shooting Star

Elissabat has arrived in Londoom to shoot her new movie with her team Clawdia Wolf, Viperine Gorgon, and Catty Noir. But the director is a very grouchy lady and makes their life miserable.

Monster High – Clawdeen Wolf and the Spell of the Full Moon

Clawdeen Wolf wants to win an audition for a Hauntlywood movie. She is so desperate that she looks for a book of full moon spells that her grandama has. The other Monster High students hear about it, and they all want to cast their own spells. The moon gets mad, and now the ghouls are in trouble.

Monster High – Cleo’s Secret

Clawd Wolf has won first place in an international marathon. As a result he has become famous over night. Cleo gets jealous that Draculaura is getting all the attention as Clawd’s girlfriend. Cleo becomes Clawd’s secret admirer to get him to fall in love with her. Soon, she realizes that this jeopardizes her relationship with Deuce and her friendship with Draculaura. She gives up her plan, but it’s too late, Clawd wants to know who his secret admirer is.

Monster High – Pajama Party

The ghouls ara having a pajama party! Clawd wants to have a sleepover with his friends but Grandma Harriet won’t allow two sleepovers at the same time. Clawd gets mad and decides to play pranks on the ghouls all night long.

Monster High – Draculaura and the Evil Twin

Draculaura is relaxing in the garden when a girl that looks exactly like her comes along. Soon her twin sister is pretending to be her, and getting Draculaura in al kinds of trouble.

Monster High – Lagoona Blue and the Magical Waterfall

Lagoona Blue finds a magical waterfall that keeps her skin and hair moisturized. She looks radiant and Cleo wants to know how.

Monster High – Frankie Stein and the Online Crush with a Normie

Frankie meets a normie online and develops a crush on him. She enjoys the anonymity of the Internet, but the normie insists on meeting her.

Monster High – Spectra and the Midnight Poltergeist

Monster High – Mystery in the Creepateria

The Enchanted Tower

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